sunglasses for children

three colours channels sunglasses for children
~ with recolourable lens

download it on the lilisims.com

dress Tomislaw
shorts in the base game
eyes rosesims2.net
vans~shoes lilisims.com
bow~slippers lilisims.com

(default colours)


sunglasses ~ models' credits

You can download the sunglasses on my site: lilisims.com

female model's cerdits:
blush lilisims.com (multi)
lipstick katelys
shoes ~ my current project(s) ~
jeans in the base game

male model's credits:
hair v-ware and anubis
(original sims2 hair by raonjenasims2 )
blush lilisims.com (multi)
top EA Store
jeans in the base game
you can download this sim on my site: lilisims.com

... a fabulous pattern by yourself

a new and funny pastime from the EA ~ create a pattern for Yourself:


hi all

this the blog is about the information
it's a little workshop
anything what my be important in connection with my work or my site
primarly informative
from mistakes, missing files, updates (site/creations), full credits (images/models) ~ or anything else
I hope so it will be useful
~ Lili ~


about my accessory hat

I designed my own site only a download-site
and I don't like the too much texts there
But I get a lot of e-mail ~ and I guess You need more
informations about my creations
or what my models' wear.
I try to help for You
because there are a lot of creators on the web
who I like and I appreciate
~ and I'd like if You know where You can find their creations.

download it on my site: lilisims.com


right side model ~ credits:
earrings in the base game
sunglasses lilisims.com

middle model ~ credits:
swimwear in the base game

left side model ~ credits:
dress EA Store
earrings lianasims3
sunglasses lilisims.com

When You'd like to re-colour the hat
You have to klick on the top of hat in the CAS (Create-A-Sim)
I added my accessory hat into the ring (left) category ~ Your sim may wear it
with the stockings, leggings, gloves, earrings, sunglasses, barcelets or bags (etc.)
maybe You guess the hat is too big but I experimented a lot
and I'd have liked it if the hat is wearable with a lot of hairstyles
~ this size and form was the best choose

images' credits:

 ~ * ~
(I'm sorry, this is an older project
~ only I changed the images...)