Knit Stockings *

... some real knit stockings for Your sims ...
There're for all ages and genders.
~ for all(!) sims
Eleven creations in four sims3packs/packages
~ with three or four colours channels.
There're thin and thick versions = two full stockings
(on the lower body),
and the thin versions [in three sizes] with silk stockings


Model's Credits:
hair by Newsea
scarf by Rose
(sims3 accessory ~ page 12)
top by EA Store
skirt and gloves by EA ~ base game
boots by Tomislaw

Model's Credits:
hair by Newsea
double top

Model's Credits:
hair by peggyzone
boots by LorandiaSims3
skirt by EA ~ base game
knit pattern by EA

Model's Credits:
hair by peggyzone
denim skirt by Judie (AAS)
boots by Tomislaw
top and gloves by EA (base game)

Model's Credits:
hair by [SHYMOO]
(TS2 hair: CoolSims)
scarf by Rose
(sims3 accessory ~ page 12)
top by Store
skirt and gloves by EA (base game)
boots by Tomislaw

~ long ~
Model's Credits:
hair by Shymoo.com
(four clours channels
~ mesh by RoseSims)
top by EA Store
boots by EA (base game)

~ medium ~

Model's Credits:
hair by peggyzone
boots by LorandiaSims3
jacket by LorandiaSims3
gloves by EA (base-game)

~ short ~
Model's Credits:
hair by Shymoo
hair-accessory by Rose
(sim3 accessory ~ page 11)
dress by Anubis
(under the dress)
tartan ~ pattern
shoes by EA (base game)

Model's Credits:
hair by sims2design
(more hair:  sims2design.pl)

(original TS2 hair by Helga)
top by EA (Adnventures EP)
skirt by EA (base-game)
boots by LorandiaSims3

skin-tone by peggyzone
contact lenses by RoseSims
more makeup-links what I use:

(The fourth channel may appear unnecessary
without the stockings there,
but this was the best solution, if I didn't want to put them
into separate packages unnecessarily.
~ I used the same file ...)

CAS - images :
~ I used my undies-set for the images ~

(thin stockings ~ full on the lower body)

(thick stockings ~ full on the lower body)

(thin ~ long)

(thick ~ long)

(thin with silk stockings ~ two in one)

a little
" Direction for Use "
(in images)

Well, according to me
the images show my idea
- about the colour-channels' usage -
rather expressively, at what for the achievement
of a more exciting and more realistic view.
The differences are visible
on the different images really well.

Here I used the simple black colour pattern
with the black and white knit pattern.

The different patterns and colours are variable
for the more exciting or realistic view(s).


Lili on the Facebook

I would have liked it here initially
to allow the comments.
But - unfortunately - a lot the 'troll' on the blogspot,
and I wouldn't have liked being annoyed
at the badder day of mine unnecessarily.
But I wouldn't have liked limiting it,
who may join the discussion on my blog.

 I created HERE a forum on my Facebook-page,
where anybody may write anything to me;
~ also a beginner creator.

And allowed the sharing of the own images, links or videos.
I did this in the interest of the more efficient help.

Who doesn't have any mood or curage
to write an e-mail to me,
but She/He has any questions, problems
with my creations,
concerned with His/Her own creations,
it may write it down calmly here,
may ask it or may show it.

(My English knowledge isn't perfect,
but I'm always trying to be understandable for You.
~ Thank You the related to this Your patience)

Heres's my personal Facebook-profil:
Lili Sosliliom

(untill now)


Rose's scarf with my texture

Rose created a great scarf for the Sims 2 and She converted it for the Sims 3.
I like Her meshes and textures very much.
But - what a pity - the scarf's is only chequered.
I would have liked more possibilities to this awesome mesh,
when I created some images for my next creation.
You can find it in the right-earring category.
(Unfortunately there isn't a bump map.)
This scarf is avaiable for both genders
~ and also for the teens, (young) adults, elders.

 Models' Credits:
~ hair by peggyzone, Rose (free ~ page 7), Raonjena and 'Bosie'
~ glasses (EA mesh with my textures&recolourable lens),
 ~ sweater pattern by ayyuff
 ~ denim skirt by Judie (All About Style)
~ boots by Tomislaw
 ~ EA Store-Stuff :
~ makeup by LadyFrontbum, Juzhitu, Katelys, Rose and me
~ skin-tone by peggyzone
~ the knit stockings soon - the project is finished already ~

hair by Shymoo
pattern with studs by BlackGarden
eyeshadows and -liners by LadyFrontbum

~ * ~

 Here's the original one by Rose:

 (Sims 3 Accessories ~ Page 12)

I'd like to say thanks to Rose for the possibility
and for Her permission.
I'm greatful for it, that I re-textured Her scarf
and my packs may include Her meshes.