Rose's scarf with my texture

Rose created a great scarf for the Sims 2 and She converted it for the Sims 3.
I like Her meshes and textures very much.
But - what a pity - the scarf's is only chequered.
I would have liked more possibilities to this awesome mesh,
when I created some images for my next creation.
You can find it in the right-earring category.
(Unfortunately there isn't a bump map.)
This scarf is avaiable for both genders
~ and also for the teens, (young) adults, elders.

 Models' Credits:
~ hair by peggyzone, Rose (free ~ page 7), Raonjena and 'Bosie'
~ glasses (EA mesh with my textures&recolourable lens),
 ~ sweater pattern by ayyuff
 ~ denim skirt by Judie (All About Style)
~ boots by Tomislaw
 ~ EA Store-Stuff :
~ makeup by LadyFrontbum, Juzhitu, Katelys, Rose and me
~ skin-tone by peggyzone
~ the knit stockings soon - the project is finished already ~

hair by Shymoo
pattern with studs by BlackGarden
eyeshadows and -liners by LadyFrontbum

~ * ~

 Here's the original one by Rose:

 (Sims 3 Accessories ~ Page 12)

I'd like to say thanks to Rose for the possibility
and for Her permission.
I'm greatful for it, that I re-textured Her scarf
and my packs may include Her meshes.