Oh,yeah! My site is working again already!
Excuse me the problem!
And have fun or happy simming!
(I'll continue my creations soon!
And thanks for Your patience!)


OH! I am very sad now. - Many people wrote what there is with my side.
I enter into a contact with my service provider on the next week, because onto a year I prepaid it!
(I did not have time to create, but I would like to maintain my side anyway!)
Excuse me for the problem!


Late Night sunglasses for all ages & genders

Late Night EP adult sunglasses for all ages and genders.
NO EP (Expansion Pack) or SP (Stuff Pack) REQUIRED!
(That is these are available for everybody.)
Three Colours Channels ~ WITH RECOLOURABLE LENS!


~ for toddlers ~

~ models' credits :
all hair by Newsea
dresses by Tomislaw :
Ralph Lauren shoes by LJgaming
contact lens by rosesims2.net

~ for children ~

~ models' credits :
hair by MyBlueBookBlog, Newsea, EA (base-game)
dress by Liana
contact lens by rosesims2.net
outfits for boys by EA (Fast Lane SP & Ambitions EP)

~ for teens & (young) adults & elders ~

~ models' credits :
male hair by MyBlueBookBlog
female hair by peggyzone.com & CoolSims
earrings by Tomislaw
Female Models by Elenaplyr (Elena)
~ check Her profile page for the more informations:
male outfits by EA (in one of the pack ~ EP or SP)
~ tops from the EA-Store :
contact lens by rosesims2.net
skin-tone by peggyzone.com

~ CAS-images ~

~ more recolours ~ 



second update

I updated some older projects.
These are much smaller sizes
and I paid attention for the LOD-versions,
or I created a plus colour-channel.

This is continuing what I started early:

* I apologize to You: I move very slowly with this ...

~ (young) adult male ~

~ elder male ~

... more updates soon ...


Goodbye Helaene!

" Forgive me, I’m so tired of trolls…
I just can’t do this anymore.
I remember when this community was all about teaching each other, and everyone was grateful and courteous.  I don’t ask that everyone love everything I create – just that they don’t post offensive, insensitive comments if that’s the case.
All of my sims 3 files from this site can be downloaded in one huge .zip for those who still care.  Feel free to distribute them at graveyard sites, etc. "

- by Helaene, December 18, 2010.

... I read this now only ...
This is so much sad.
[Let everything bored and an annoying 'dwarf soul' be ashamed of himself/(herself?) !]

...You know:



This was made for a slip primarily,
but You may use it according to me
as a club costume.
For avaiable teenagers and (young) adults.
( Four Colours Channels )


(This was an old project. I finished it the past weekend.
~ I have a lot of old projects what I didn't finish yet...)

~ for (young) adults ~

knit pattern by peggyzone.com

~ for teens ~

~ CAS-images ~

~ More Credits :

model by Elenaplyr (alias Elena)
(Alabama Crane)

hair and contact lens by rosesims2.net
skin-tone by peggyzone.com
makeup by EA (and my blush)