Tips & Tricks * to my accessories

The images don't give an aesthetic sensation,
but they may help with the usage of my accessories
for everybody, who would need some hints in this topic.
Just I'd like to show You how they are variable with each other.

It's important: I make my accessories because of that
(nail polish, stockings, tops, etc.)
into two categories,
because I'd like if these
- with each other or with creations of other creator -
will be variable.
These two categories are that of the gloves and the socks (stockings).

(credits: top&socks by EA, denim shorts by Harmonia,
accessory top, stockings, short top)
If You'd like it if the gloves would be above the translucent top,
You need to add the translucent top to the sim in the first step,
and You need to add the gloves to the sim in the next step.
(The view will be really ugly in a reverse case or likewise actually unusable.)

 (credits: silk formal gown, shoes, full body or top accessory)

- - -

If You'd like it if the socks would be above the stockings,
You need to add the stockings to the sim in the first step,
and You need to add the socks to the sim in the next step.
(The view will be totally ugly in a reverse case.)

(credits: short top, stockings, socks by EA)

(credits: shoes by EA, polo neck jumper by EA,
shorts by EA, stockings)

- - -

(credits: patterny by EA, silk formal gown,
accessory translucent top)

An important fact:
at what more translucent is something,
 it's more difficult to colour.
Or You modify promptly its colour and its pattern,
or You try to hit a dot on the texture,
which is less translucent, than the others.
For example a sewing, or at the glasses their frame,
or any kind of detail.
 Only there is not a dot like this on a work of mine:
on my sheer and glossy silk stockings.

 - - -

Models' Credits:
(what I missed out)
hair by peggyzone (free) and Newsea
skin-tone by peggyzone
earrings by Rose (free ~ page 13))
makeup by LadyFrontbum, Juzhitu, Katelys,
Rose & me

 - - -

( I censored all images.)