Thank You very much for Her/His work to Everybody
- to the Cerators, to the Finds Sites and Those Who make
the formation of the creations possible with Their work.
& thanks Those, Who liked, enjoyed
& respected Our work.

And my special thanks Those, Who encourage me continuously
with Their kind e-mails, with Their comments,
with Their promising rows.

I wish to Everybody a very Happy New Year.
& I wish to Everybody a very Happy Simming in 2011.


♥ My Special News ♥

Tomislaw opened His own blog.
This will be my favourite one.
Thanks Tomo! ;)


Towel & Towel-Turbans

The towels' mesh are locked in the Late Night EP.
I unlocked the meshes an I added to those
my (handpainted) textures.
Now these towels are avaiable to everyone
- also if You have the base game only -
with 4 colour-channels.

The towel-turban mesh was in The Sims 2 -
only for adult femal sims.
These meshes were created by Mark,
the aWT's Stuff owner.
These meshes are
avaiable to every ages and genders.
These towel-turbans' textures are avaiable
with four colour-channels
~ and I created for the towels specifically.

~ * ~

~ aWT & Lili ~
Towel-Turbans Downloads:

~ * ~

~ Towels Downloads:

~ * ~

~ Four Clours Channels Towels ~

aWT's towel-turban-meshes with my textures:
(CAS-images ~ Default Textures)

Four Colours Channels
(I created for the towels)

& with an other texture by me are avaiable on the: aWT's Stuff

Special Thanks to aWT

My short towels for female-sims on my site:

~ credits:
skin-tone by peggyzone.com
contact lens by roesims2.net