variable pants for kids

It's four colours channels ~ for girls and boys.
This maybe a training trousers, a payamas or a casual pants
~ only choose the suitable texture(s) for it.
It's avaiable for both genders and in the everyday, formal,
sleepwear and athletic category.
(I created primarily for the two latter categories.)

I wish You like it ~ Happy Simming

hair by Rose (free ~ page 6)
shoes ~ Vans
sunglasses (with recolourable lens)
top by EA (base game)

hair by Rose (free ~ page 2)
bunny slippers by Helaene
top by EA (base game)

hair by Newsea
top by EA (base game)
toe polish nail
pattern by llaminsk

hair by Newsea
top by Helaene
sunglasses (on the top of the head)
toe polish nail

hair by peggyzone
shoes by EA (base game)

Converse by Helaene
top by EA (base game)

hair by Newsea
jacket by Helaene

hair by Newsea

hair by peggyzone ?
pattern by ayyuff

hair by EA
fedora hat (accessory)

hair by peggyzone ?

CAS ~ images


~ a short news *

Yestedey I hade to remake and change this creation.
(I changed some things...
...I was inattentive...
...I remade too many creations...)
I apologise for it. ~ I'm a 'real lame'...

And I remade the following creations again
the day before yesteday:

Girls   ~   Boys

Next time I'll show what I made with these wrongly.
(It's not too complicate!)
Maybe this will be auseful for the begginers
(...and for the similar 'lame ones' like me...)

[This will be a very -mini-tutorials about the TSRW.]

~ * ~

I apologise to everybody for I didn't answer
the e-mails and questions/requests...
I try to compensate to everybody
for these omissions of mine (too)...



...already I wrote about it earlier:
I made neglectful work unwittingly.
I didn't give attention unfortunately
for the game with a lower graphic.
My accessories weren't perfect because of this.
I fixed this problem and I re-created all of the accessories,
which I created in the past period.
[I'm so sorry!
~ and I apologise to the concerned ones for the nuisances...]
And a 'plus bonus':
these new files' sizes are half of the previous ones.
These have to work at everybody already.
~ And the current costume will be visible
on the small icons in the game.

( I'd like to update my creations again.
I'll remake all of my works in the future -
and my creations will be much smaller size at the previous ones. )

( All of my creations are available for both genders ~ and also for the maternities. )

If You have a question or problem
~ here are my e-mail addresses: