~ a short news *

Yestedey I hade to remake and change this creation.
(I changed some things...
...I was inattentive...
...I remade too many creations...)
I apologise for it. ~ I'm a 'real lame'...

And I remade the following creations again
the day before yesteday:

Girls   ~   Boys

Next time I'll show what I made with these wrongly.
(It's not too complicate!)
Maybe this will be auseful for the begginers
(...and for the similar 'lame ones' like me...)

[This will be a very -mini-tutorials about the TSRW.]

~ * ~

I apologise to everybody for I didn't answer
the e-mails and questions/requests...
I try to compensate to everybody
for these omissions of mine (too)...