...already I wrote about it earlier:
I made neglectful work unwittingly.
I didn't give attention unfortunately
for the game with a lower graphic.
My accessories weren't perfect because of this.
I fixed this problem and I re-created all of the accessories,
which I created in the past period.
[I'm so sorry!
~ and I apologise to the concerned ones for the nuisances...]
And a 'plus bonus':
these new files' sizes are half of the previous ones.
These have to work at everybody already.
~ And the current costume will be visible
on the small icons in the game.

( I'd like to update my creations again.
I'll remake all of my works in the future -
and my creations will be much smaller size at the previous ones. )

( All of my creations are available for both genders ~ and also for the maternities. )

If You have a question or problem
~ here are my e-mail addresses: