some gloves ~

I created these when I finished the stockings.
Four different sizes (knitted) gloves
with two color-channels.

CAS - images:

Model's Credits:

all clothings and accessories by EA
mainly from the Late Night ~
~ exception a dress and a top by Anubis
and earrings by Liana
lipstick and contact lens (eyes) by Rose
eyeliner and eyeshadow by LadyFrontbum
studded leather pattern by BlackGarden


male sweater

Four Colours Channels
Sweaters for teens, (young) adults and elders.

model's credits:
hair by peggyzone
glasses (with recolourable lens)
makeup by EA and me
pants by EA

model's credits:
hair on the My Blue Book Blog
jeans by EA ~ unlocked

model's credits:
hair by Newsea (free)
jeans by EA
makeup by EA and me

model's credits:
hair by Newsea
jeans by EA
makeup by EA and me
glasses (with recolourable lens)
VANS (shoes)

model's credits:
hair by RoseSims
glasses (with recolourable lens)
make up EA and me
jeans by EA
Vans (shoes)

CAS images ~ more recolours

chequered pattern by Ayyuff
knitted-pattern by Ayyuff

You may use any pattern in the game
my creation (my texture) will be
a sweater always.


"on itself declaration"

I wanna be a retired artist on the TSR.
I uploaded my last TS3 creation onto it.
If You saw my mini-site then You may have suspected it
they invited me to a FA artist for the TS3 
and also for the TS2.
I would have liked it 
- but in the last moment I wrote a NO.
(My reasons are top secrets
but these were very important to me.)
I wrote a yes otherwise only from vanity first,
which wasn't a nice thought.
( I stayed there, because every great creation
was avaiable free for me.)

~ But I like the artists there, the community.
They are great.
(( for example one of my hot favourites: Tomislaw ))

I wanna be a free artist, a free creator also in the future.
Because this is a game, a hobby
- and I wouldn't like to think of this some other way.

I wouldn't like to compete with any creator or site
- neither now, neither in the future.
I respect every creators, then if beginner,
then if the style is other.

I admire the creativity.

I thank for the work of the find-sites, because
They are favoured our work
and Your entertainment are helped in.

(...and I wouldn't like to read things 
like that once more from TS3,
there are paedophiles there - 
this was the most astonishing debate of the sims-history!)
((on the MS3B - on that site, what I like very much!))


male leather jacket

I like the leather jacket of House M.D.
~ but didn't create a same one, I created a similar one.
(This is brighter and without the logos - etc.)
 Four colours channels ~ For teens, (young) adults and elders

model's credits:
hair on the My Blue Book
left-earring by EA (base game)
makeup by EA and me

model's credits:
hair by v-ware
pants by EA (base game)

model's credits:
hair by 'Bosie'
pants by EA (base game)


Be watching ajOya's site  ~  I it