"on itself declaration"

I wanna be a retired artist on the TSR.
I uploaded my last TS3 creation onto it.
If You saw my mini-site then You may have suspected it
they invited me to a FA artist for the TS3 
and also for the TS2.
I would have liked it 
- but in the last moment I wrote a NO.
(My reasons are top secrets
but these were very important to me.)
I wrote a yes otherwise only from vanity first,
which wasn't a nice thought.
( I stayed there, because every great creation
was avaiable free for me.)

~ But I like the artists there, the community.
They are great.
(( for example one of my hot favourites: Tomislaw ))

I wanna be a free artist, a free creator also in the future.
Because this is a game, a hobby
- and I wouldn't like to think of this some other way.

I wouldn't like to compete with any creator or site
- neither now, neither in the future.
I respect every creators, then if beginner,
then if the style is other.

I admire the creativity.

I thank for the work of the find-sites, because
They are favoured our work
and Your entertainment are helped in.

(...and I wouldn't like to read things 
like that once more from TS3,
there are paedophiles there - 
this was the most astonishing debate of the sims-history!)
((on the MS3B - on that site, what I like very much!))