variable set: top and bottom

~ * ~
four colours channels top and bottom
~ with recolourable logo, but You may make it 'invisible'
~ areas: top/bottom + borders + logo
for the young adults/adults and also for the teens
(the top is avaiable in all categories)

hair by Ulker
jeans by EA (base game)
earrings and bangles by Liana

hair by Rose (free)
barcelet by FashionTwist.org
earrings by EA (World Adventures EP)

TS3 hair by Anubis
(TS2 hair by Helga ~ Her site is closed)

hair by Rose (free)
barcelet by peggyzone.com
earrings by NataliS
TS3 hair by Savio
(TS2 hair by Nouk)

hair by Newsea

hair by Ulker
top of the bikini by EA (base game)
necklace by Anubis
foot jewerly: accessory and/or shoes

TS3 hair by MyBlueBookBlog
(TS2 hair by peggyzone)

hair by peggyzone

skin-tone by peggyzone
eyes by Rose
eyeliners and eyeshadows by EA

~ * ~