Variable pants and jacket for male

I would have liked to create a athletic/pyjamas pants
for the adult sims.
(These are similar to the female or the children versions.)
I would have liked a longer trouser leg for my sims.
I created this for the adults and for the teens only.
And I also created a sport jacket -
- with similar texture(s) as the pants.
(If You didn't like the leather jacket because
this was too bright for Your style,
or the sweater wasn't variable enough,
 You may choose a plainer version for Your sims now.)
You may see on the images of the elder sim:
this version is really sporty,
but You may use it as a leather jacket or a sweater.
It's variable.
(Of course, I created it also for the teens and for the (y) adults.)

Models' Credits:

( here & here )

'converse' by EA

Casual Pants/Shorts:

Patterns by EA
Skin-tone by peggyzone
Makeup by EA & me
Contact lens by Rose

(I'll continue to update the older creations soon ~
~ for the smaller sizes packs/packages.)