Lili on the Facebook

I would have liked it here initially
to allow the comments.
But - unfortunately - a lot the 'troll' on the blogspot,
and I wouldn't have liked being annoyed
at the badder day of mine unnecessarily.
But I wouldn't have liked limiting it,
who may join the discussion on my blog.

 I created HERE a forum on my Facebook-page,
where anybody may write anything to me;
~ also a beginner creator.

And allowed the sharing of the own images, links or videos.
I did this in the interest of the more efficient help.

Who doesn't have any mood or curage
to write an e-mail to me,
but She/He has any questions, problems
with my creations,
concerned with His/Her own creations,
it may write it down calmly here,
may ask it or may show it.

(My English knowledge isn't perfect,
but I'm always trying to be understandable for You.
~ Thank You the related to this Your patience)

Heres's my personal Facebook-profil:
Lili Sosliliom

(untill now)