sunglasses on the top of the head

*~ sunglasses on the top of the head ~*
~* accessories for all ages and for all genders *~

* thanks for the base-idea to Cemre *

I selected these sunglasses to my work,
because the thickest one and the widest one are the frame of this,
and because of this it's the most spectacular.
I created it for the children and for the toddlers primaliry.
But - finally - I created it also for the (y)adults (teens;elders)
because this one is somewhat taller one,
three colours channels ones,
and this one is avaiable for the both genders.

~ * ~

models' credits:

skin-tone by EA
blushes are here
flower earrings by NataliS
eyes by Rose
 outfits are in the base game and in the Ambitions EP
or on the EA Store
Pucca-top is here (comming soon in a smaller size pack)
 and the double-top is here