female hair

Hi All!
...I worked very much with this hairstyle...
I used the EA's meshes, but I edited everything and
- of course -
I created the own textures to it.
I use the Workshop to my creations,
but I didn't know how this works punctually.
For example: why I don't see it on the small icon in the game?
Thanks for Ulker's help to the Workshop!
Well, I noticed it yesterday unfortunately, I created a same hairstyle,
what is available also in the Store.
I'm sorry, but I paid attention to only the male's cap,
and how much I like it, and for my models need it.
I hope there will be some people, who will like this.
~ I promise, I will be more attentive next time! :)

This hair with cap is available to the teens, young adults, adults and elders.

* And now I know it, I have to remake all of my accessory
what I created in the past period. *

I know it already my work weren't perfect.
These work perfectly only then
if You play with the highest graphics settings in the game.
I apologise for this mistake.
I have to learn a lot about the TS3 meshes/Workshop projects.
(and I received at this already help from Tomislaw ~ Thanks Tomo! :))
And now I now already how I can to create an even smaller sizes files in the Workshop.
I'll replace all of my creations because of this.


model's credits:

 ~ teen ~
top by EA (base game)
earrings by Rose
necklace by Rose 
earrings and barcelet by Liana
lipstick by Katelys
eyes by Rose
skin-tone by peggyzone

~ elder ~
polish nail by NataliS
shoes by EA (base game)
lipstick by Rose
eyes by Rose

~ adult ~
earring by EA (World Adventures EP)
top by EA (Worl Adventures EP)
jeans by EA (base game)
(top by Store)
(bag by peggyzone)
beauty marks
lipstick by Rose
eyes by Rose
skin-tone by peggyzone

~ denim and kitting pattern by EA (Ambitions EP) ~

here are some patterns-links:
denim patterns by Judie
denim and kitting patterns by

~ etc. ~