...a last wedge slippers

 Hi All!
I created it two weeks ago.
But I had some problems with my game,
and I didn't upload this creation onto my site.
I'd have liked my previous creation for the last one in this style,
but I noticed this in a TV show.
And I'd have liked creating it anyway.
If I start a project, then while I finish it
I cannot pay attention to something else...
~ Let the images come now! :)

model's credits:
hair by Newsea
dress by Liana
(it's a donation dress on the TSR)
*but there are some links where You can find
some awesome dresses on free:
eyes by Rose
(sims 3 make-up ~ page 1)
eyebrows by Rose
skin-tone by peggyzone.com
(I'd like to create the ones until now, then also for the teens and the aged sims ladies.)
~ * ~

...about my problems:
1) I apologise to You because I don't know it
how many days the images weren't visible on my blog.
I exceeded the limit of the photobucket.
But I paid for it, so now it's okay.
2) I have a little joint problem in my right shoulder and arm.
It's already since December.
It eased off only yet, but it wasn't over unfortunately.
And it slows down my work. It continuously impedes in everything.
...and because of this it's very difficult to dazzle You... :P
I hope so it, it's over because it makes me very peevish already...
3) My problem began with the game when I'd have liked
downloading this shoe from the EA Store:

I received a notification, I have to download the last patch.
I thought it properly, it's okay, let that patch come!
I installed it. I supposed it's okay.
But I had to install it again and again ... and finally
I didn't see something else then, only the empty (clear blue) Launcher
and the rotating-rotating hour glass. (OMG!)
I restarted my PC many times, but this sight waited for me with each occasion.
(OMG! ... again!)
I couldn't what maybe the trouble. I experimented with everything the past weeks.
I examined my machine thoroughly. I investigated it after different viruses other pests.
I checked the system. But never one of the setups helped nothing to solve that problem,
what's the reason, that I can't to install a lot of sims3packs, between the the Store's:

But all packages woked.
Now I don't use any patches. And I didn't install the EADM.
And I will buy nothing from the EA Store in the near future.
Now I can to use everything. I use the TSR Workshop to my creations,
and I use the Delphy's program to the packages.
~ Thanks to Delphy! ~
I recommend the Helper Monkey and the packages to everybody.
Accessories which cannot be missed according to me.
Everybody didn't have an opportunity
to enjoy the sim3packs undisturbed after a patch...

Thank You for the attention, and excuse me for the problem-deluge! :)
...and - You know - Happy Simming! ;)