Girlish Set

The mesh of the top created by Tomislaw.
[Tomislaw's mesh with three LODs! ~
~ High & Medium & Low]

The shorts by me.
(also with 3 LODs)

& The top is valid for maternity.
~ (Thanks Tomo! ;))

This set is very similar as the older ones.
I used a same "base-texture" to all of them.
You may variable this with each other.
Check these sets:

bras/bikini by EA ~ in the Late Night EP
barcelet by peggyzone.com

barcelet by EA ~ Late Night EP
necklace by rosesims2.net

shoes by EA (base-game)
~ accessory-set
 by NataliS


hair by NEWSEA
skin-tone by peggyzone.com
contact lens by rosesims2.net